The Power of the Holy Spirit


We will like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you for allowing us to serve you through this weekly inspirational newsletter. It is an honor and a privilege for us and we greatly appreciate this opportunity. Our thanks also go to many of you who are praying for us and have encouraged us along this journey that we have undertaken. Today we will be discussing about the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ promised His disciples/followers that they shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon them and this power will enable them to be His witnesses in all the nations of the earth. This can be seen in the book of Acts of the Apostle 1:8 New International Version (NIV) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you ;(A) and you will be my witnesses (B) in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, (C) and to the ends of the earth.”

For us to have a better understanding of what the power of the Holy Spirit is; let us consider what power is.  The Merriam Webster online dictionary defines power as ability to act or produce an effect (2): ability to get extra-base hits (3): capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect.  From this definition, we can deduce that the power of the Holy Spirit is the ability given to Christians to preach, heal and make disciples of all nations.

How Can You Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit?

·You have to be a follower/disciple of Jesus Christ.

·You have to desire it.

·You have to earnestly seek for it.

·You have to wait upon the Lord for it.

·You have to be expectant of it.

·Your purpose of receiving it will be to bring glory to God

·The laying of hands by men and women of God

·You have to live a holy/righteous lifestyle.

*Caution: The Power of the Holy Spirit is not for sale and cannot be bought with money(Acts 8:18-23).

The Purpose of the Power of the Holy Spirit:

1.      Be witness of Jesus Christ. Acts 10:39-41

2.      Carry the message of Jesus Christ to all nations. Acts 22:15

3.      Confirm the teaching of Jesus Christ through signs and wonders. Acts 8:5-25

4.      Shine the light of God throughout the world. Matt. 5:13-16

5.      Be a blessing to the world. Genesis 12:2

6.      Bring sinners unto Christ. Acts 2:14-44, Ps.22:27

Benefits of the Power of the Holy Spirit:

1.       It makes the impossible possible. Luke 1:34-37

2.       It raised Christ from the dead. Romans 8:11

3.       It enables an individual to fulfill the purpose of God in his/her life. 1 Sam 16:11-13, 1 Sam 10:6, Judges 13:1-5, 24-25

4.       It transforms an ordinary person into a King e.g. King David

5.       It enables a man to destroy his enemies. Judges 16

6.       It enables an individual/ministry to take a city/nation for God. Acts 1:8

7.       It makes an individual a wonder to his/her generation. Acts 3:1-11, Acts 5:12-16, Acts 19:11-12

8.       It enables you to have testimonies that are difficult to share or believe. Ps. 126:1-3, Ps.23:5

9.       It enables an individual to become involved in a positive earth shaking event. Acts 2:1-6

10.   It makes an individual to become unique. Luke 1:31-33, Phil 2:10-11

11.   It enables an individual to preach the word of God with signs and wonders following all over the world. Romans 15:19

Assessment & Application


Our job as disciples of Jesus Christ is to carry His message throughout the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lately, have you been telling people about Jesus Christ and is it followed with signs and wonder? If yes, thanks for your obedience to the clarion call of our Lord Jesus Christ. If no, then you can start today by asking the Lord to pour upon you His Spirit which comes with the power to preach, teach His gospel and also heal the sick.

Life Application.

The Power of the Holy Spirit has tremendous benefits upon the man/woman in which it is found. This individual’s usefulness reaches to the uttermost part of the earth, and he/she becomes a blessing to the whole world and his/her influence around the world becomes great and very extensive. We will like to use this opportunity to encourage you to be part of this glorious generation of individuals filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and influence your world for Christ.


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